Choices Care Ltd

Purpose and scope

Choices Care believes that effective training and development benefits the individual and the organisation as a whole, and contributes to the achievement of Choices Cares objectives.

These benefits include:

·         high standards of work performance

·         greater understanding and appreciation of factors affecting work performance

·         sharing ideas and dissemination of good practice

·         effective management and implementation of change

·         building strong and effective teams

·         increased motivation and job satisfaction for individuals

·         professional development

·         greater understanding of the company.


Choices Care aims to ensure that:

·         its stated objectives are met

·         each member of staff understands what his or her work role involves

·         each person is developed to enable them to achieve their work objectives

·         staff are prepared and equipped to deal with changes in Choices Care

·         each individual is encouraged to develop his or her potential, both personally and professionally

·         lifelong learning is supported and encouraged for all staff.


Choices Care is also committed to meeting and maintaining the Investors in People standard, as well as making progress against the wider Investors in People framework

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