Choices Care Ltd

Our domiciliary support services include:

§  Support around the home: Dusting and vacuuming; cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, changing bed linen and towels, laundry and ironing, shopping for weekly groceries, help with meal preparation and assistance managing bill payments.

§  Personal care: Dressing and undressing, washing and bathing, shaving, assistance with hair and makeup, nail care, contenance care and support with prescribed medication

§  Companionship: Conversation, encouraging contact with family and friends, help with reading and keeping up correspondence, accompanying on holidays, day trips or short breaks

§  Home from hospital: Escort home from hospital, preparation of the home environment amd rehabilitation support

§  Fulfilling lives: Encouraging and supporting hobbies and interests at home or in the local community, encouraging excercise such as walking or a dance class, arranging and accompanying people on social occasions or prayer meetings, accompanying people on visits to special places and local attractions, accompanying to day centres or other community day activities, accompanying people on doctors appointments, and keeping and managing a diary.


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